The Integrative Ecology Group

The Integrative Ecology Group

The integrative Ecology Group was created in 2000 by Pedro Jordano and Jordi Bascompte to set up a long-standing scientific collaboration. This group constitutes a research line in both the Research Council's Strategic Plan and the research directory of the local government of Andalucía. The mission of the group is to understand the mechanisms by which biodiversity is organized and how biodiversity responds to human-induced perturbations. We pursue this by developing interdisciplinary research in ecology. We combine field work, mathematical models, computer simulations, genetic analysis, and statistical analysis of large data sets. Our research involves an international program of collaborators world-wide. Our research lines integrate evolutionary ecology, theoretical ecology, and population genetics.

Specific research interests are:

Evolutionary ecology of plant-animal interactions (pollination and seed dispersal)

Complex topology of food webs and plant-animal mutualistic networks

The spatial dimension of population and community dynamics

Fragmentation and habitat loss

Population genetics of endangered vertebrate species

The Integrative Ecology group acted also as the seed of the current Department of Integrative Ecology. Further information about members, research interests, publications and similar can be found on the respective web pages of Pedro Jordano Home Page and Jordi Bascompte.

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